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My reason to go

Dear Reader,

In the month of March 2007 I found myself on a crossroad in my life. My contract at the Hilton Amsterdam was up for renewal or dismissal in three months. I had to decide on my “next step on the journey”. My position as Heart of House manager, better known as Back of House manager / Chief Steward, has given me tremendous amounts of challenges, but it was time to move on. I had a look within the Hilton group for job offers but also took a glance at other companies in the world. Being on a short holiday st the end of March I went back to the Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne to say “hi” to all the people that I still know there. A couple of teachers proposed different options to me when I told them that I was looking at “What to do next?”.


One of these proposals was to go and work for EHL-Smile as a volunteer in Madagascar. EHL-Smile is a committee inside the hotel school that supports projects in developing countries to help them a little in life. I was honoured and touched by the fact that they asked me to be the person to run the project. The one person that is officially in charge, Mrs Blanc, was not there so I wrote an application letter to introduce myself as a candidate:


While being at EHL I had a chance to talk to Karen Earl-Erpelding about myself and my current development as well as the project EHL-Smile.  She told me that the Alumni couple that is running the project at the moment are due to leave and start their career in the commercial market.  While discussing the whole project and what it is doing for the local community of Madagascar I had the feeling that this project might just be the necessary personal addition for me to improve my own inner value “in me being myself”.  This self exploration of inner good doing might be my final push into developments that I need for finding my place in life.


When I showed my interest towards the project Karen emphasised that it is a hard but satisfying job with no pay.  This did not stop me from thinking that at my current point in life and career, this project is a “vital” asset to me.  Looking back at my personal achievement in EHL, the EHL-Spirit award, it made me aware of the fact that I like helping people to get where they need to go and help them to secure their future.


Karen told me that I had to get into contact with you to show my interest and communicate with you to see if there is a possibility for me to join the program and help EHL-Smile in achieving their goals in the Madagascar school project.  It is therefore that I’m writing you this e-mail. I’m enclosing my CV just as a courtesy to go with the “application”.



After multiple phone calls and time for me to consider this giant next step on my journey I made the decision the 7th of May 2007 to go and leave my secure life behind and head out into this magnificent adventure.