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Sponsors for the project

Dear Reader,

I would like to thank the following people for helping me raise the funds necessary to go to Madagascar and help the local community there to get a better chance in life.


Many thanks to:

Louki Eschauzier - van den Bosch

Jean Pierre Eschauzier


FamilieFonds Eschauzier

Lily Sloet - van Oldruitenborgh

Annemiek Boer

Sander en Kien van Sonsbeek - Eschauzier

Corinne de Beaufort - Sickinghe

Boldewijn Sloet - van Oldruitenborgh

Karel van den Bosch


These people supported me with small amouts of money so that I can support myself in my daily needs.


If you think that a small gift would be appropriate please be so kind to send it to:

CGJJ Eschauzier

ABN-AMRO te utrecht:

ovv Project Madagascar

The more funds are raised the better I can support the school. If I can no longer support myself there I have to quit.


Thank you all in advance

Charles Eschauzier